What Kinds Of MOT Reminder Services Are There?

With all the time-consuming tasks that people have to undertake on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, it can be very easy to forget that car tax or an MOT is due, which can unfortunately result in hefty fines and add to the long list of expenses that owning a car entails.

There are, thankfully, several services available nowadays to ensure that you never forget these important dates ever again, meaning that you can go about your daily life without worrying if you have forgotten something important.

There are several different tax disc and MOT reminder services on the market today, each one suited to people with different needs and requirements. The vast majority of these services are extremely affordable, so it is an option that is within everyone’s budget.

The first type of MOT reminder is a printed disc that can be placed where the original tax disc used to be. For many Britons, the tax disc holder attached to the interior of their windscreen was extremely useful as a way to remember when their tax was due, but since the removal of this function and tax being recorded online, having this handy reference is no longer an option.

Due to this, top companies are now printing custom tax and MOT reminder discs to fit into the place where the original tax disc once was. These are printed with useful details of your due dates so that you always have a convenient reference with you in your vehicle. Priced at as little as £4, this is a small luxury that everyone can afford, and help you save on hefty fines.

These custom MOT reminder discs are also great because they come in a variety of designs, which can add a touch of personalization to any car or other vehicle. You may decide to opt for a design displaying the make or model of your favorite vehicle, or even your favorite football team. As well as being highly functional, the MOT reminder can also be aesthetically pleasing.

Many companies that sell MOT reminder and tax due date reminder discs also offer text messaging services so that you do not forget the date when you are due to make payments. You will usually need to pay a little extra for this, but usually no more than a £1 more than a reminder disc.

With just a disc on your windscreen, you may be the type to forget that it was even there and therefore neglect to check it, by which time it could be too late. payment reminder The text message reminders, however, will make sure that this never happens, with the company providing this service reminding you of your legal obligations several times in the run up to your due date.

The most reputable providers of this kind of service will remind you 30 days in advance, 15 days in advance and then 5 days in advance of your due date for your tax and MOT. Reminder services often include both tax and MOT reminders as part of the same service, meaning that you will not have to pay separately for these two features.

Many top services will also provide email reminders along with text messages, meaning that it is even more highly unlikely that you will miss your dates, especially if you do not check your email that regularly or you delete your text messages by mistake.

All of these different systems combined – the tax and MOT reminder disc on the windscreen, the text messages and the emails – work together to make sure you never get fined again for over running your tax and MOT due dates. With prices starting from as little as £4, there is no reason why anyone should miss out on this convenient service.

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