What Blu Ray DVD Options Do You Get With Blockbuster Online Movie Rentals?

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Blu Ray DVD has become very popular for high definition viewing. It has taken over a good share of the watch-at-home movie market.

You can rent Blu Ray DVDs as easily as you can rent standard DVDs at Blockbuster. Best of all, there’s no extra charge. So if you have a high definition player and want to watch your favorite DVDs in the right format, with high quality audio, Blockbuster is a great option for online movie rentals in this format.

How does it work? With online movie rentals at Blockbuster, you can select your preference for Blu Ray. Then, when your preferred movie moves to the top of your queue, Blockbuster will automatically send your preferred version if it is available.

What makes Blockbuster even more convenient, is their Total Access plan. This membership plan allows members to rent online, then หนังออนไลน์ exchange DVDs either through the mail or at local Blockbuster outlets. Many members will love this added convenience.

Mamy online movie rental companies charge extra to rent on Blu Ray. Blockbuster does not charge extra fees to rent on Blu Ray. The range of high defninition titles continue to grow. This includes older movies as well as new releases.

At Blockbuster, how do you watch movies in high definition? Using the latest generation of high definition players also gives you the option to watch movies via downloads and streaming. If you have an internet ready Blu Ray player, you can connect to the Blockbuster site via a wireless connection to choose your movie.

It only takes the click of a mouse to start a movie. When you stream movie from the Blockbuster website, you rent movies at your convenience and can play them moments later.

Overall, a Blockbuster membership to rent online is a good way to take advantage of the high quality playback you can get with high definition.

What membership plans are available? Membership plans at Blockbuster allow you to rent 1, 2 or 3 DVDs at any one time. This means you can only hold a certain number of DVDs at any one time. To change a title, you will need to return one to get another.

Plans cost $8.99 to rent 1 DVD, $13.99 for 2 and $16.99 to rent 3. You can also take a free 2 week trial and test the service for free.

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