Marilyn Monroe – Greatest Female Star of All Time

Norma Jean Mortensen or popularly known as Marilyn Monroe was born in Los Angeles, California. Her first job was in the Radioplane Munitions Factory, at the age of 19. Afterwards she was encouraged to seek a modeling agency after having a good review of her snapshot at a magazine article. After her modeling career, she pursued acting in films. She first appeared as a telephone operator in “The Shocking Miss Pilgrim” in 1947.
After having a few films with short roles and cameos, Monroe studied literature and art appreciation at UCLA.

In 1952, Monroe went broke. She barely had money left to pay for rent. She decided to pose nude for the first issue of Playboy magazine that would soon be world-renowned. The same year, Monroe took supporting roles of films such as “Clash by Night” followed by “We’re Not Married” “Don’t Bother” to Knock” and the successful “Monkey Business”.

Monroe’s success was outstanding. Her films became institution for Hollywood standards and her presence, iconic. She was even invited at then president John F. Kennedy to perform “Happy Birthday” at Madison Square Garden in which Kennedy later highly acknowledged. However, in 1962, Monroe was found dead at her home in Los Angeles, California. Monroe has died of “acute poisoning” with a possibility of an roofers west monroe la accidental overdose. Many theories, up till now, had surfaced. Some conspiracies include suicide, murder, even CIA or Mafia connections. Although she has been cited as one of the most greatest female star of all time, her sudden death remained a mystery.


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