Make Money Writing Online – 3 Ways to Get Started

If you like writing and wondering if there is a way for you to profit from it online today, then you want to consider these three ways to get started because you will find them easy to deal with, and they carry minimal risk with high potential of good earning. Each way will be discussed briefly herein and you want to read through to the end to see which one can spur you to action immediately.

I own a few blogs and most of the time I personally write the content on them. I could not imagine that I can make this as a means to generate revenue until I found out I can promote someone else product on them and earn commission. Furthermore, there is a few advertising program I can participate and get paid when people click the link. But that is how I got started. Find out how you can too.

A freelance writer who make almost 2 thousand dollars a month share how he got started to where he is today in a recent article I stumbled on the Net. His 3 favorite ways to get started are:

1. Start a blog on a free platform like Blogger and write about specific niche. The most important thing if you decided to go this way is to carefully choose the niche. The niche must be highly profitable or else you will get discourage with your huge effort but minimal return. You make profit by incorporating paid advertising or affiliate program relevant to your content.

2. Build a portfolio as freelance writer. This is not something you get result from immediately but it gets built over time. With this method, you need to identify online places where you can offer your services and start something there. If it sounds like too much work for you, well, you might be right. You definitely have to go through the learning curve but you will get over it faster by starting than by ‘thinking’ or ‘wishing’.

3. Combine both ways. You reddit essay writing service blog and you offer your blog writing services and get paid for it. If you search online, you can find a few places to start for example PayPerPost. What essentially happen is they will connect you with advertisers who want you to write about a certain topic on your blog. Advertiser usually paid you according to the amount of words required.

Honestly, I started with blogging and combined it with promoting other people product as an affiliate. I find it easier this way because I had minimal upkeep and servicing I need to do. But I could not say that this is the easiest way because it looks like everyone is doing the same thing! Competition is stiff and it is getting stiffer as we speak so I diversified. I now combine a few methods to make money from my writing.

But I did choose one of the three ways listed above.

If you want to get started with making money writing online you already know a few options to try out. These options will yield different results based on your tenacity and competency but the key factor is to choose a way and get going. Reading about how writing creates profit for someone will do little compared to actually pounding the keyboard to write. Remember the famous Nike motto: Just do it.


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