LCD Vs Plasma Vs LED TVs

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The debate of LCD TV vs Plasma TV is as old as TV itself. Ever since Plasma and LCD were created one of the most popular discussions in the TV industry is Plasma vs LCD. New members have joined the television family, as well as Plasma and LCD. We now have LED back light TV. The industry is calling these back lit led TVs as just simply LED TVs. In the 5 years since both have been on store shelves you’d think the answer would be clearly defined, but it’s a bit more complex then that.

Let’s start with the differences of the 2 technologies. Lets begin with plasma tv. Plasma TV has hundreds of thousands of gas cells that are brought together to make a picture. On the other hand LCD or liquid crystal display uses “glass sandwiches” of liquid crystal. Images created by varying the amount of electrical charge applied to the crystals. After that, the screen is illuminated in the back by various LED’s or fluorescent tubes. This is because the differences between the technologies. For example if a plasma cell is off its unlit meaning better blacks, A LCD pixel is still using electricity and lit even when the screen is black. Though LCD back-lighting has got better, plasma TV has had one step in front of LCD HDTV. Even with the largest sizes we’ve seen some excellent results from the best LCD TV 55 inch screens, but plasma television is still arguably better. The down sides, the motion sensor are the biggest one. there’s a lag when LCD pixels turn on and off. Even the best LCD TV have a refresh rate of 5 milliseconds or less, but it can still lead to a lagging in motion effect. This is something plasma TV does not have to worry about, not to mention the dauntless delete account black level issue.

Plasma televisions our only 42 inches or more, this being because plasma is a gas, The better picture quality with plasma televisions is because the gases like to be further apart from each other. That’s the simple reason. This also helps with making the colors look more natural. So it may be a bit more darker. Plasma televisions also have better motion in its picture.

Plasma’s are very good at producing film like quality. but this doesn’t mean you have to go the whole 9 yards for cinema quality. Currently 1080p has made an impact on plasma televisions and the number is growing. The only bad thing about this is the “burn in effect” This happens when a panel shows the same picture for a long period of time and the image is permanently burned in on the screen. But this does not mean it will last forever and will sooner or later fade away in a matter of days. Finding a cheap plasma television is not difficult, but you may want to consider the prices vs LCD.

Plasma Television will give you a bright in-depth picture. They also have a slim design that allows them to be set on a stand or on a wall. Plasma televisions have a reputation of having rich colors, impressive contrast levels and smooth motion.

If you were to buy a plasma television. Theirs 2 facts that you should know. First Plasma TVs are not made in smaller sizes less then 42 inches. So only 42 inches or larger if going with a plasma TV. Therefore there not ideal for small rooms like a kitchen. Second, some plasma television screens may reflect room lights. If your room is very illuminated with windows and lamps. Then you may want to turn them down and close the curtains.

With LCD HDTV which means for Liquid Crystal Display. Its going to be a little bit more vibrant and is a little better in glare reduction.

Light-emitting diode also known as LED TVs is more like LCD on steroids. Nearly all LCD TVs are LED TVs. The back-lighting is the only thing LED about. The LED back-lighting will make it more energy efficient and will make your whites brighter and your dark’s darker due to the contrast ratio. LED TVs are a little more vibrant and a little more bright then an LCD HDTV.

LED TVs has three main advantages without going into a physics lesson about the technology behind it. LED TVs are known for having depth, color and energy efficiency. Comparing it to Plasma TVs and LCD TVs. LED TVs are known to have whiter whites and deeper blacks. This is also called contrast ratio and you’ll often see this listed as a feature on TV’s. To get a better picture you’ll need a higher ratio to get better contrast as a result it will give you a better picture. 2nd the skinny and thin design of LED TVs is unbelievable. LCD TVs cannot hold a candle to LED TVs in regards to its thinness. LED’s are usually less then half the depth. 3rd as they work differently from plasma and LCD televisions. You’ll be able to go green because LED use a lot less electricity and will help you save some cash down the road. there’s a final gain for having a LED TV. You can watch it from nearly any angle and the color will be sharp and the color clear and deep…

So how do you choose between a LED TV or a plasma television? Well for a cinema like experience in a dark room. Then you’ll find plasmas fluid motion and true to life color. If you looking for a TV under 42 inches then LED TVs are right for you. They have brighter whites and deeper blacks, the cheaper one is plasma televisions.

Even with HD being the “in thing” for 2011 there still is very little content for 1080p. Even when compared to the thousands of television programs and DVD’s. 1080p means 1920 by 1080 pixels and is the best high quality resolution money can buy. You may gain some comfort now to buy a 1080p TV. You may not be getting the best picture. There’s more to it then the resolution when buy TV like some LED TVS.

Other qualities to look for would include 100 hertz. This removes the jumpy picture from over-seas shows and old movies. This can also be called the refresh rate. To get the best out of HD disk you’d want something called 24P.

Still confused? well don’t be. You are the only person who can make the right choice as to buy a TV. Best thing to do is to view as many TV’s as possible at once using the same footage. Try going to your nearest local best buy, Wal-mart or any outlet store where they have the same video displayed upon dozens of TVs. After selecting the right TV for you. Go online to Plasma God and search for the exact same television. You may be surprised to find out that Plasma God is cheaper 9 out of 10 times.


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