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As I write this article, I am watching my four year old son take my two year old son around the shoulders and guide him to the toy box to find something interesting for him to play with. The kindness being expressed of my older son and quiet acceptance from his younger sibling trusting that he is in good hands, gives me one of those “see what we’ve brought into this world” sort of moments.

It is this kind of cherished moment that reminds me wholeheartedly why I feel so passionate about the subject of Infertility. I have many friends who, in my view, would make amazing parents. They are intelligent, hard شراء متابعين تيك توك working, joyous people who are set apart from the rest of their friends by one thing and one thing only… Infertility! They are unable to conceive kids.

So why is that some couples can conceive so easily and others… never?

And why is it that some people conceive with no trouble with their first baby and maybe even their second, then spend years attempting to fall pregnant again so they can complete their family?

And why is it that the rate of miscarriages has been steadily mounting over the years?

Well if there was a magic answer to these questions, the individual who revealed the answers would be wealthy! Unfortunately there are no precise answers to these questions. Couples are more and more seeking “real” answers, not just the usual “unexplained fertility” when tests do not present any abnormalities in either individual.

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