Help! I Want Sex Toys During Sex

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Question: I want to bring sex toys into our bedroom but don’t know how my guy will react.

Introducing sex toys into your regular sex routine can be quite simple if you think a few things through beforehand.

Before buying a sex toy make sure to:

Talk about bringing new toys in before you go shopping
Broach the topic with your partner outside of the bedroom when you’re both in a good mood. Surprising your partner with a new toy will most likely get their defensive hackles up, as they will automatically assuming they’re not a good enough lover.

Start with the basics
Your list should include candles, lubricant, massage oils, educational books, and a romantic game. Once you get used to using these items in your bedroom, it’s time to introduce toys.

Negotiate what you both would be comfortable with
Do you want something romantic, sensual or highly erotic? Something that vibrates or not? How much do you want to spend? Is quality important to you?

Educate Mens99HK on what toys are made of
Most toys on the market are poor quality and some are even harmful to the body. Make sure to read labels and look for toys produced by reputable companies which are made of 100% silicone, 100% elastomer, or food grade vinyl. Many toys say they’re made of ‘silicone’ when only 10% of the toy is silicone.

Great Sex Tip
Not inclined to go to a sex shop? Buy online. Or, your local drug store will likely carry a limited line of lubricants, massage oils and sex toys.

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