Domestic Helper USA Visa – Reviewing the Rules

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Many people who intend to stay in the U.S. would also want to bring along their domestic helper. USA Visa approval for the private helper is therefore required in this case. If you have a domestic helper whom you plan to travel with you, you need to be familiar with the efficient ways in securing a visa for him or her.

The type of visa which a domestic helper needs to apply for is a non-immigrant visa. This is necessary since the helper is not planning to migrate to the U.S., after all. A domestic helper can accompany his or her employer who is on vacation, returning permanently, or is relocating temporarily to the U.S.

For a lawful recognition on the worker rights in the U.S. of the domestic helper, USA Visa must first be obtained. Along with the scheduled interview in the American embassy, a domestic helper must be able to present the necessary papers such as passport, application confirmation sheet, and other expired or existing visas.

Of course, fees apply when you decide to submit for an  外傭 American visa. The application fee is necessary in order to acquire the application form typically available on the web. One thing that domestic helpers need to remember is that this payment cannot be refunded. They need to be prepared to pay for expenses involved in visa application.

Over the web, there is an application form in electronic format which needs to be filled up by the domestic helper. USA Visa cannot be given to anyone who does not follow the stipulated requirements. Furthermore, a very recent photo of the domestic helper applying for visa is required.

Since most home helpers applying for a U.S. visa will be traveling with their employers to America, the employer must be able to present an employment contract for the visa interview. The contract must be signed by both parties- employee and employer- and needs to follow the labor rules prevalent in the U.S.

A proof of residence in the home country of the domestic helper must also be established initially. This will serve as verification on the non-intention of the domestic helper to overstay. Illegal staying in the country is unacceptable for any domestic helper. USA Visa can only be given when intent of overstaying is not identified.

Last but not least, it is also often important for the domestic helper to be employed already for at least a year before applying for an American visa. Nonetheless, as long as the requirements are judiciously followed by the domestic helper, USA Visa approval will no doubt be a guarantee.


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