Can a Christian Become a Mormon? Do They Both Worship Jesus Christ?

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The Passion Of The Christ Controversy ExplainedShort of a crown worn by royalty, the top hat is without a doubt one of the grandest of all forms of headwear. Lord Ribblesdale set the precedent for the fellow top hat wearers in his famous who is jesus John Singer Sargent portrait. He looked rich, he looked powerful, grand, strong, and noble – every fantastic word one could imagine or use to describe the man in this towering high hat.

The top hat was designed and first worn by John Hetherington, a London men’s clothing maker, in the 1840’s. It was evident from the very start that the top hat wasn’t simply any ordinary hat. The first time John Hetherington wore the hat in public, women screamed and fainted, and crowds gathered. It caused an absolute uproar which led to his arrest and subsequent fine of £50, an absolute fortune in those days. A law was also passed forbidding anybody to wear the top hat in public on the grounds it scared timid people. The fact that Jesus was declared, by Jehovah, to be His Son forever, has caused the heathen to rage over their frailties and weaknesses in this life. Knowing that God can do, as His will dictates, they fume over the fact that without Jesus, in their lives, they are lost. Not only did the lord declare that he had begotten(established) Jesus, as His Son, but also had given Him power, and full control over all aspects of the Church of the first born, according to Hebrews 12: 23.

As Jehovah is unchangeable, His establishment of His Word, as His Son, is also unchangeable. His decree is established as law and will endure forever, from everlasting to everlasting. His laws and statutes will not be changed nor will they be compromised. We must all repent and believe in Jesus as the Son of God, or we shall perish. This is the foundation of the Christian faith. Man has made an extreme effort to degrade the truth, to change and compromise it for their own selfish interest. Making for themselves, priest, prophets, doctrines, religions, and ministers, not ordained, nor recognized, by the Lord, all being outside the law and will of God. God will never ordain a homosexual priest, neither will He call or ordain any man that preaches hate or death to anyone, that preaches hate or death to the nation or children of Israel, nor will He recognize them, for as His word states clearly, this is an abomination. He has stated that he has never called them nor even spoken to them.

Many have called for the total annihilation of Israel and its people, the lord is not with them, neither will He ever condone such actions, for the Lord God Jehovah is married to the children of Israel, all according to His word. To deny the Lords word and reject His declaration that Jesus is His established heir, and Son, shows the spirit of anti-Christ, which is in the world.

Jesus being established as the Lords Son, dictates that all men should believe and repent. The idols of this world, the false religions, the false doctrines will fall before Him, every knee shall bow and every tong shall confess that Jesus is both Lord and Christ. Who shall counsel the lord, or who shall instruct the lord in righteousness? Who shall say that the Lord cannot declare a thing, co-mitt to something that is upon His will?

Has not the lord created man, created all things visible and invisible? Men do not question weather the lord is, nor have they denied that the Lord has the power to create or destroy, but multitudes deny the lord the ability to have a Son and Heir to His kingdom. Men have become jealous over the Son of God, knowing that they are not as important as they thought they were. Men have become angry over the fact that Jesus, and not them, have the power and authority over the established church. There is only one Holy Father, and he sits upon His throne. For it is written for our wisdom and knowledge, Call no man Father on this earth as it is written in Matthew 23: 9. But even here we see man compromising with the laws and established commandments of the Christ.

Jesus being the only begotten of the Father, has caused such a stir that multitudes call for the removal of any mention of Him, and also Gods word. But when it comes to false religions, they call for a more pronounced presence. Stating that all mankind need to recognize them as an alternative to Christianity. This is not a game of popularity, this is the fight over the souls of mankind. On one hand we see Jesus desiring to save all that are lost, and on the other hand the spirit of anti-Christ trying to destroy what the lord has ordained as His will for man, for It is the Lords will that none should perish but that all come into repentance.

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